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Acknowledging our terms and condition of this blog site will enable you to understand the most related about we mentioned in about us page,is a prestige and logical criteria given to all celebrities you may have encounter on this site.basically,thetopstars is a portal of selective stars and have move forward to operate under a certain condition in which we update as a major factor.

Note also that thetopstars can only count on celebrities without engaging in any other sector or rendering any other emphasis about a particular category .our endeavor is to present that given celebrities news,gist about them,notices about them and a particular download about a particular personnel and also have a major factor in movie stars that we ditch of.

In some cases,we are unable to present that celebrity you might think of seeing on our site owing to peripheral rate we are having about them,now it will be a regularity system that before we start updating a news or details about our new rated celebrity we will definitely get all our readers and member noticed about that by following that celebrity on social media,very important.

thetopstars is not a download portal but only promote songs at that given cost.any upcoming artist can promote with us and also have it in mind that his/her promo will be halted at that approach period of time as we make the deal before promoting.

To our follow bloggers,always note that any content in this site is being protected in such a way that you are expected to seek for permission before making a duplicate in any of our content to avoid facing the penalty.

To any external link we link to any post in this site, always bear it in mind that it is a content issued from a source and permissions have been granted before that. Therefore, this are our new terms and conditions you should know before making use of this blog site.Thanks for visiting our site and we promise to serve you better.if you have any question to ask feel free to ask by contacting us or you can make use of our contact form on our home page .From CEO Uwa Jovial .O
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