Rick Ross Delays his flight to visit Texas Cancer Center

rick ross Texas Cancer Center
Owing to the love Rick Ross have for his fan and the people around the world,the still want to express his gratitude in Texas Cancer Center after he made appearance in Kanye for his business.Topstars is recording about two movement which the rapper has appeared just like we updated previously. Following the news that hits online,Rick Ross it not the only celebrity that have avid his enthusiasm in Texas Cancer Center of course some other stars has been there fr some while.

Texas Cancer Center is one of the best hospital in Texas and few artist has snuggled in their step to the hospital in support to fight cancer and lot more.Rick Ross leaving his astonish moment to the people around and never refrain or hesitate to back off from visiting the hospital in Texas but his arrival has shown that he cares for the people.
Texas Cancer Center
Ross never mind to pause his jet that will fly him over to US but delayed his flight jet for 30 Minutes before he flip off from taxes.The Rapper feel good and was able to emphasis on cancer and he is willing to fight it although nothing was donated yet.Source also told us that Rick Ross enjoys visiting African country and wish to visit more around in Africa.
Texas Cancer Center
Rick Ross was previously reported suffered from Seizure during his last performance at York City's B.B although his crew claims that Rick never experience such at that stage.Ross has encountered this illness this year as he was taken to the the hospital because of Seizure but we are happy he over come his death.
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