'I'm Still Not A Free Man' What it Means to Meek Mill

meek mill nbc interview
We feel so sorry for Meek But since he was released from the prison there's still hope for his fans.Meek spent about 5 months in prison after they sentence him to 2-4 years for his probation convict.Meek Mill felony has given him a serious condition despite he is out from the prison yet there's rules and regulation he ought to maintain and this can be the reason the rapper is afraid.

Topstars learned that Meek is afraid not of the judge in question but he is afraid that he might face a victim again and which will make a creepy on him because any misstep will land him back in prison.We followed the recent interview which the rapper had with NBC and he spooked about how he live in the prison.The rapper whom we shouted #Free Meek Mill just for his behalf has reveal that he is afraid and pointed that he is not a free.

'I'm Still Not A Free Man' Meek Mill said with some point.His statement made us to acknowledge that he might sent back to prison if he fall a convict again and we also understood with no despair that Meek Mill already letting his fans to know his view and peradventure he run into transgression  that will definitely nab him down in prison. During that interview NBC on Thursday,the rapper admits that he is nervous since he came out from prison. "I'm nervous everyday being on probation." the Philadelphia native said.

Meek Mill case goes beyond limit if he fall into similar case in fact if he commit a crime again and the only way to scupper off is to avoid his action this time.On our last update,Meek Mill Wins & Losses Album Goes Gold after the album was sold about 500k copies in United State.
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