Kylie Jenner Show More Love on Travis Scott Birthday

Kylie jenner travis scott birtday
Kylie can do some interesting things to who ever she love even during the time she was dating Tyga she bought him a car after Tyga fall out.She then switch over to Travis Scott after she realize how Tyga was Cheating on her although wasn't easy because Tyga was trying to come back to her but it was too late leaving Travis Scott to take over her and they finally made it with a baby.

Travis Scott who add one to his life after living in this earth with 25 years is now 26 years starting from yesterday been Monday.He celebrated the Birthday with baby Kylie Jenner who was electrify with him following the celebration.Source told Topstars that Kylie Jenner "Rented out Six Flags for baby's birthday," Jenner captioned a video of the festivities on her Instagram story. "They've never been." just to show more love and caring for her baby Travis Scott.

"She love Travis Scott and can do her best for him" insider told us. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott been on good since they start a new life after Kylie Jenner split off with Tyga."She don't even think much about Tyga but sometimes she talk him,how he cheated on and feel sorry to who ever he is current dating" source to us.Yesterday Topstars also update about Kylie Jenner warn Iggy Azalea to be careful about Tyga and not to fall a victim in a relation.
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