Jay-z Tries to Escape court appearance after gnoring SEC subpoenas

Jay z court appearance
Federal court is looking up to Jay-z for a necessary and why he dodged court appearance since he was order to testify in SEC probe into Iconix, the company that now owns the Rocawear clothing brand he co-founded as CNN reported.

Jay-z and one of his Business partner whose name is Damon "Dame", later sold off the company for about $204 million during the year 2007 to Iconix and they never disclose the secrete about the company and how the company was sold off and SEC told that they "maintained publicly-disclosed partnerships related to the Rocawear brand" after the sale.

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While investigators keep verify on the past business Jay-z did with Damon Dame Jay-z has been ordered to appear in federal count to give account of the company that formally managed by jay-z with it brand of management company that owns labels including Candie's, London Fog and Rampage.Source told us that Jay-z is not the main focus but the Iconix that's currently managing the company now.

Now SEC want to know more about the company that was sold off to Iconix but remember that the prob is coming directly to Iconix and Jay-z never violated federal law but he must come to testify more about the company as the agency thinks so.

Source also let us to know that Jay-z is aware that SEC is looking up to him for an information."they are aware that the SEC is seeking information on Iconix's financial reporting. Mr. Carter (Jay-z)had no role in that reporting or Iconix' s other actions as a public company." Now it left for Jay to show up in the federal court but Hov seem looking outside from the attention the court need.

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"During March 2016, Iconix publicly announced a $169 million write down of Rocawear, and in March of this year, Iconix announced a further write down of $34 million,"what do you think.
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