Download: Dr. Dre – "12 Steps To Recovery"

12 Steps To Recovery mp3
Here is another song from Dr. Dre which surfed online surface and is called “12 Steps To Recovery” 50 Cent & Dr. Dre are the executive produce of Young Buck’s Upcoming Album Young Buck appearing in the camera lens alongside Kokane, a West Coast vet you may remember for siding with Eazy-E during his fallout with NWA.

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While Young Buck addresses the camera, where he gave a full explanation about  the group’s happenstance but not their whereabouts. The warehouse seems to me a strange place to spend a Saturday evening, but Buck and Battlecat are not jiggy types looking to post up. They look genuinely stoked to blow their smoke on the warning track.Download the song below and share.

DOWNLOAD Dr. Dre – 12 Steps To Recovery
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