Chris Brown Sour up after Rihanna back his Birthday

chris brown 2018 birthday
Following the recent encounter Rihanna and Chris Brown ever had,it seem that the two are gradually getting it on the bad side.Chris Brown has faced some crux moment since he split off with Rihanna but can he still ignite it back,but that's obviously NO.However,as the singer continue to express his love to Riri,after his headbutt on her he still want have as source told us.

Chris Brown has turn 29 which we all do celebrate with him but Breezy wasn't  happy how Rihanna back his Birthday,not wishing a lovely birth (Who Cares) and he do feel for.Source continue to push more light about the pair and hollywoodlife has report that Chris Brown is on gutted following Rihanna new misdemeanor on his birthday.

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“Chris was absolutely gutted that Rihanna didn’t reach out to wish him a happy birthday, it would have meant so much to him,”“He thought she might send him a DM or a text, and he kept checking his phone all day, but it was just radio silence.” source added up.

“It’s been years since they split, but he still thinks about her every day, it breaks his heart that they don’t even talk anymore. Chris came under a lot of fire after he posted a birthday message for Rihanna earlier this year, but he thought it was worth the heat to let her know he still loves and cares about her, it really pained him that she clearly doesn’t feel the same way.” what do you think.
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  1. chris should jst forget abt her....No time to wast now he shoud jst focus on his kid nowz..Love u breezy be a man

    1. Waww but many want them come back


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