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Watch: Nicki Minaj Share's New Video - ‘Chun-Li’

Nicki Minaj finally drop a new video of one of her song which she releases last few days.After the waiting of her upcoming album the rapper is back working fully on her album and she has dropped three songs,Half Back,Chun-Li and Barbie Tingz’ and as for Now those track keep make more headline.

Nicki Minaj seem having Chun-Li as for of her best track in her upcoming album although she's still making more songs in the studio.The Vertical video of Bardie Tingz already show on Sporty and today she has drop another video.This is an official video of Chun Li and she also shot it in a Vertical way just like she did on Bardie.
chun-li-music-video song
This video of Nicki Minaj shows her performing to the song in her studio with the help of her iPhone’s selfie camera. Watch it below.
We you are still wait for her album,it will soon arrive at a spot just in the next upcoming weeks.Is Nicki Minaj enlisting No Frauds in the upcoming project work,well as for also,we are yet to predict about what she's up to that song which she and RemY My diss it over.
Watch: Nicki Minaj Share's New Video - ‘Chun-Li’ Watch: Nicki Minaj Share's New Video - ‘Chun-Li’ Reviewed by Jay Links on April 14, 2018 Rating: 5
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