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Tyga Break it, In His New Video – ‘Hard2Look’

Tyga Hard2look
Watch one of Tyga's new video is amazing and it looks like rapper is truly singing and also dancing in this new video called Hard2Look.The Video has many parts that shows some breaking dance.Yeah you are about to see the Rapper Breaking in his new video but the girl she boxing with seem in touch with the rapper although they made way.

Tyga Album Kyoto didn't actually come up with rapping lines but all we saw him is singing.The might have taken a step to his career but does that means Tyga not gonna rapper for us again,that's just a retract as we guess.You can watch the video above.
Tyga Break it, In His New Video – ‘Hard2Look’ Tyga Break it, In His New Video – ‘Hard2Look’ Reviewed by Jay Links on April 05, 2018 Rating: 5
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