Rick Ross Talk to Blacks in Kanye - Business time

Rick Ross 23 fast food business kanye
Ricki Ross is heading his new business plan to Kanye.Rick Ross who pulled on a new concert in Kanye but his coming to Kanye is not only for the concert but the rapper has sight to the black country Kanye,seeing how creative and the assiduousness people in Kanye engaged themselves.Rick arrived in Kanye and disclosed that he didn't snub the business and entrepreneur in the country but he said he's here to run a big investment  I’m always open minded I just want to win, so you never know when you all see me out here make sure you halla at me. I have seen some incredible art, I have seen some beautiful furniture I just love the hustle,” the rapper said.

The rapper who has fully recovered from health also talked about the blacks,giving a tips for business for the people in Kanye.“I love to see people create because as black people we love to consume but we have to make sure we create more than we consume.” When it comes to business,Rick Ross is extremely pundit to invest with his money he earn in his music career and this is not the first time the rapper running a new business around the world.According to report,the rapper has up to 23 fast food not mentioning the Checkers Checkers Fast Food Restaurant which he acquired last year.
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