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Young Thug and Nicki Minaj ‘New Song’ Coming Soon ?

Having heard that Nicki Minaj upcoming album we all still wonder who she will start.Nicki Minaj releasing her album after Cardi b recent album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ debuted seem as if she wanted Card b to debut her anticipating project.So many rumour has it about Nicki Minaj fourth album and it has been a very wide experience from her fan since she she dropped her previous album know as PinkPrint.

Now whats new about Nicki Minaj and thugger,is she getting her tracks ready for her fans or who are we going to hear with her as the artist guesting in her album.Source has revealed to Topstars that YounG Thugger who once penned with Nicki Minaj in the past is still coming along with Nicki Minaj.Many post on Instagram has surfaced about this report and Topstars can agree that this will definitely come real just this week because Nicki herself one gave a notice about upcoming single from her and Young Thugger.

Thug and young thug new song
Thugger told us he that he is not dropping any track following to his upcoming project work because of his deaf brother.But that doesn't mean he wont be guested in any song and now he is bring Nicki Minaj in in his new album after claiming he is off as for this year.He also Changed his name from Young Thug to Sex but later we heard that the Sex in question is an album name.

So Young Thugger and Nicki Minaj coming back after they appeared together with him on Juicy j's Low and also guested in Rae Rummurd 's Throw Sum Mo but this time around they are going to be two which i Nicki Minaj and Young Thug.Nicki Minaj has been that busy working on her new album and it will soon arrive although is still anticipating.

Gucci Mane also shared with us about a new single in Nicki Minaj studio but we are yet to understand if will be guest in her album.Lil Wayne,Drake,Birdman are also expecting in her fans as most fans dream of seeing them.Lil Wayne enlisted as part of Nicki studio work (executive producing) and both has making things right for the past months now.
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