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Nicki Minaj Respond to Birdman After Say She's the Best Rapper

Nicki-MInaj best female rapper from birdman
At last Nicki Minaj has disclosed her mind over what Birdman is talking about her the the earlier time and i think that should be on February.Actually what Birdman said wasn't that serious to most people who claimed that Card b and other female rappers do more the No Frauds Rapper.At this time also,Topstars previously published a post following of the trolls fans try to put in line about Nicki and Cardi and real fact will always in that post.

Birdman has said about two thing and to fans of they artist it wasn't real.Birdman Once told us that Lil Wayne is Better than Tupac and after that he then move other to Nicki Minaj where he said that Nicki is the greatest female rapper when it comes to the female genders he even said it as the female rapper of ALL TIME.

While we still hope to hear from Nicki Minaj since that time,it was clear that she never respond to the great offer from Birdman and recently Nicki Minaj gave a feedback by claiming she's truly the best rapper of all that.Just on Wednesday it came real that the diva accept the rap queen as she paparazzi swarmed Nicki as she was leaving the LAX and asked her about Birdman view of course we all knew what he said.

Nicki Minaj responded, “of course she is, bro!”.The TMZ paparazzi made out her after the statement from Birdman and the same statement still hovering with a serious controversy.This is another way which Nicki Minaj has shown herself in after we think she's missing.Nicki Minaj will now drop her anticipation album after Cardi b did although we are yet to see more highlight about her up coming fourth album.
Nicki Minaj Respond to Birdman After Say She's the Best Rapper Nicki Minaj Respond to Birdman After Say She's the Best Rapper Reviewed by Jay Links on April 04, 2018 Rating: 5
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