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Another Rapper hits Pregnant Rumour Online

Nicki Minaj appearing and disappearing isn't that suspicious but her current surface at LAX looks like the rapper is about the have the internet to talk more about her after she has been talked about for the past few months regarding to her miss.The Day Nicki Minaj surfaced online at LAX was the day she replied long awaiting claim from Birdman as he said that Nicki Minaj is the greatest rapper of all time.However the rapper admit that she's the best rapper after TMZ paparazzi heard her admitting that on background.

Nicki was seen walking along and she put on oversize and black hair with a black back.Looking at the photo which Nicki Minaj appears with,She was on no Makeup yet looking extremely good as usual.On the photo she also put on sun glass with her iPhone but looking deeper at the photo it seem Nicki is pregnant for who?
Nicki Minaj on Los angels with black back and sun glass
Nicki Minaj was seriously looking unlike before and many wonder if the rapper is pregnant.At that moment press wanted to ask her some question but she escaped all the necessary query.Topstars also wonder why Nicki Minaj is not on high hill put she was on green and red slippers.No much evidence about Nicki Minaj being pregnant current but some way round she nabbed herself on a suspicious photo shot from paparazzi.
Nicki Minaj on Los angels with black back and sun glass
Nicki Minaj and Nas had some dating after Meek Mill and if this is real who do you think might be responsible.Topstars is still looking more further about this photo just for more clear evidence but as for now this is just a rumour.Previously on Topstars,Cardi b also hits some swirling about one of her single in ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ which “Money Bag”. Source told us that she use the track to express what she has been  doing with Offset.
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