Nicki Minaj Replied Cardi b with a Shocking Words

nicki minaj to burn crush and frir cardi be album
Wow wow what's actually going in the middle of this female rappers.I think have heard enough with this their online/ social media jabs yet no physical action although it can't be that way but the rate of online action from Chun Li and Drip rapper are getting more furious day by day. Cardi fired Nicki Minaj on our previous post after source told thetopstars that Cardi b is coming for Nicki Minaj.We do believes that Nicki received the misdemeanor message from Cardi b and she has to pull out her own idea without thinking of a cede but she want to get to the root of this online trolls between her and her fellow rap gender.

Cardi b and Nicki Minaj Beef get worst after they teamed up on MotorSport and since then it has been beyond expectation when it comes to think about their outstanding.If you han been following our post online you ought to  understand that both divas had respective interview with a different jabs.Cardi b who told us that the feud that comes in between her and Nicki Minaj is internet made up then whats happening now.Topstars still believe that they still want to ride on with that feud no matter is who is on convict yet the feud can't be squash as for now.

Now following our last updated about Nicki Minaj and Cardi,Cardi thinks that Nicki Minaj Barbie Tingz and Chun-Li is for her and she is realizing that Nicki Minaj is still coming with fire.She believes that Nicki Minaj unnamed album is for her as source told thetopstars and having said that Cardi has pull out her intent she's coming for Nicki Minaj after she drop her baby. While Nicki Minaj sit back working on her untitled album that will soon have it fall,source told us that Nicki Minaj is aiming to crush cardi's album which she is currently doing with her best style.“Nicki Minaj is coming and her mind is to show her that she's the queen of rap in the game”source told us again.

well it never been that easy but Thetopstars still agrees that Nicki Minaj and Cardi b are currently on fire.
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