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Meek Mill Get's More Supports After Jay-z Top Off

Meek Mill has been in to his mess but we all feel for him because his fame but we all ought to know that the System is bigger than Meek Mill himself and that's why the system nabbed the him with the disadvantage.Following the same report that reached to us,it was said that even Meek Mill Fame or Money can't save him from this but he will continue to accomplish his court charge.

Although we thought of seeing Meek Mill in the prison this week but his Lawyer claimed that Meek Mill is still in prison and he slammed it in our last report that Meek coming home this week is a rumour.

Jay-z and and his wife Beyonce once unveiled their intent about Meek Mill been in Jail for some months now of course the lead it via their last collaboration with DJ Khaled and Young Thug.Jay sing along to free Meek Mill but that's the first time Jay-z is standing for Meek.

Meek Mill Get's More Supports After Jay-z Top Off

His has it,if it comes to supporters and that's what seem more considerable to him.That dozen of fans around the world is supporting the campaign Free Meek Mill.Top was surprise on Monday as one of the persecutor of the rapper told that they support the new trial for Meek Mill. 

As dozens of Mill's supporters gathered outside the courthouse shouting "Free Meek," the district attorney's office said it believes there is enough evidence to vacate Mill's conviction after the police officer in his initial 2007 arrest on drug and gun charges landed on a list of officers suspected of lying in court and framing witnesses. The district attorney's office said in a statement that there are

"questions about the credibility" of the officer who arrested Mill and others over the years.What do you think.
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