Kylie Jenner is Unhappy,her Ex Dating Iggy Azalea

tyga dating iggy azalea kylie jenner
You Know what,may be Kylie Jenner  should advice Iggy Azalea of something she's not aware of.Kylie Jenner who was once stepping up with Tyga,switching the switch with on and off dating in the past year with Tyga has reveal to Iggy Azalea of whom Tyga is.Kylie Jenner is not only giving her Testimony about how she managed her life with Tyga yet the cosmetic and model is sounding it as a warning to her fellow gender Iggy Azalea of with Tyga might land on her.Source has told us that Kylie Jenner is not unhappy because Tyga and Iggy Azalea nabbed each other on a dating ,not all but she feels that Iggy Azalea might have a double mind if she continue to date him.

According to report,“Kylie’s not jealous of Iggy and Tyga; not at all. But she does think Iggy should be careful because Tyga’s got a bad track record when it comes to cheating.” The source alleges that Tyga was unfaithful several times and she thinks it’s only fair that Iggy knows what she’s getting into. The source says, “Kylie caught him being unfaithful multiple times when they were together. Side chicks were always texting Tyga and it was painful for Kylie and even though she may not know Iggy that well, it’s girl code and she feels she should warn her. No one deserves to go through that.”

Tyga who was once Drunk-Dialing on Kylie Jenner is now Dating  Iggy Azalea and Kylie Jenner is not happy because she know what the rapper is up to.Kylie Jenner love Tyga but owning to how Tyga treated her make her wonder how he will cop with Iggy.
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