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Confirmed: Nicki Minaj is Dropping two New Songs on Thursday

Few hours back we reported about Nicki Minaj and Young Thug collaboration which might come this week but as for now Nicki Who is coming on her upcoming Album is probably going to drop two new songs On Thursdays.It sounds great and is also a affinity from her fans to peek or listen to her anticipating album after a layoff.

Nicki Minaj has just leap that astonish on her twitter account with after she announced that there will some new song coming along just this week and just this upcoming Thursday.We yet to understand if she will be ceding the album this month or next.Nicki  upcoming and the first two tracks to show up online is called “Barbie Tings” and “Chun Li.”

Nicki Minaj is dropping two new songs
In Fact you Don't have to miss this and as we are here to for more the two songs will definitely appears as our Top Music here on Topstars.Nicki Minaj,since 2014 she has been online silent although we heard her team work with Drake Lil Wayne on No Frauds but that can't be called a project work and her last pro worked out during the past years is called PinKPrint.

Is wow and is also amazing that Nicki Minaj has finally accept to hit new songs as soon as possible.Nicki Minaj and Cardi b are two female rappers who flip over their album by continuing to prolong album which we wanted at that moment it should be debut.Cardi dropped her album about few days now and Nicki is now starting make a roller-coaster after the ‘Invasion of Privacy’ hits it streaming.

There's some few thinks you need to know about Nicki Minaj to Cardi because both still drag the internet talking.Cardi b already confessed that she never being on feud with the fellow rapper yet she claims it was a made up from the internet.Well,as we enjoy cardi's hot single from Invasion Of Privacy,you can still reserve your dance step for Nicki Minaj upcoming hits.
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