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Cardi b Use “Money Bag” for Pregnancy Notice With Offset ?

Cardi b Money Bag
One of her hot single MIGHT be truly talking about pregnant rumour.Money Bag is one of her track in enlisted on her album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ and most of her songs has been streamed online for every line she follows up.Cardi was once rumourd about being pregnant for Offset but the news WAS not only denied my Cardi b but Offset also did the same.

Most of her trackS she keep reminding us about how she has been with Offset at least Cardi b Be Careful was another example of what she wants us to know about.Now as she followed up some lines on her Money Bag below is what she said.

“This is sweet pu**y Saturday, that’s just what Plies say / I said “Bae, it’s a snack” he said it’s a entrée / With them pretty ass twins, you look like Beyoncé,”

Well,this is another notice which Cardi b has so far for her pregnant and as she raps in the song,she is probably talking about her unborn twin.As many for who already know about what she's say has already claim that Cardi b pregnant is seriously growing.
“Cardi B pregnant with twins btw it’s in one of her songs. She used Beyonce and her twins as a reference, one fan wrote on Twitter while another added, “Did @iamcardib pretty much hint she’s pregnant with twins on money bag?? I could be wrong but I’ll have to listen to the song again.”
Cardi b Use “Money Bag” for Pregnancy Notice With Offset ? Cardi b Use “Money Bag” for Pregnancy Notice With Offset ? Reviewed by Jay Links on April 07, 2018 Rating: 5
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