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Cardi B Took Over Taylor Swift’s “Apple Music record”

Like seriously Cardi b has ignite more to her life career following her new released.While the rapper keep ignoring all emphasis From Nicki Minaj as the Half Back rapper has claimed also that she's not happy with Cardi b and she even reveals that Cardi b hurt her in a single which they did together as female rapper (MotorSport). While Cardi b keep facing her radio silent about what the fellow rapper said against her,at least she can still forward herself by look up to what her Invasion of Privacy album can do for her.

Well it never being that hogwash to Bronx rapper because there's still some good news which she can also claim.Just recently Topstars received that the Invasion Of Privacy by Cardi b as an  album has hit it all leaping down Taylor Swift album while the Invasion Of Privacy sit to be the best in the album Apple Music.As of last year the pair has been on that competitive battle following their respective album.
cardi b apple music streaming
Currently,Cardi b new album which we all know about in now rocking about 100 Million streaming on Apple Music of course that has taken over ‘Reputation’ from Taylor Swift .Both album are great but Taylor Swift keep maintaining the substantial streaming in Apple Music and it also regarded as the best as of then.Now things has fall apart after the Bronx rapper pull up her new Invasion,i think Cardi is now lucky and she has breaks it from Taylor Swift Reputation.

Cardi b new album has been stream 100 Million times in just in a week all streaming comes around the world.Already,as of last year Cardi b fired it with her troubling track called ‘Bodak Yellow’ and it also beat Taylor Swift in US.But Taylor Swift never surfaced on Apple Music until three weeks of work out.Cardi is now on Top Chart in the Apple Music Streaming putting it to her as the first female to land with a juggernaut that surprise everyone.

Congrats to her but remember she still going to face another thunder which is Nicki Minaj.Nicki Minaj is working on her upcoming album and i think she has taken all the advantages of seeing Cardi b new album and so what,what gonna be  the next step of her upcoming album.Wise woman will always like to sit up for a good feedback.

Cardi b once told use that the feud with Nicki Minaj is Internet made yet the No Frauds still insist with a false.
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