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Where Cardi b and Offset ‘Fall in Love’ Before He Gets Her Pregnanted

A very congrats to the Cardi b and Offset who is already Fathering either a boy and a girl.Cardi b and Offset just start it but the way the love each other was extremely astonished although that's not what love is asking but love wants who cares.How do you see the Male and Female rapper since they engaged each other.

Cardi b and Offset officially made it open during a show where the public sees how it happened as Offset brought out the diamond Ring and engaged.Since then we never heard any flip or any report that clangs around their dating accept in the recent song where she warned her cheating lover but that might be for Offset.

Topstars has some post about her recent interview even since Cardi b sit with the Apple Music.During that interview with apple Music she hits up points about herself and also about how the internet made it up claiming she's on feud with Nicki Mianj.Since all this moment she has been on interview at least Topstars has count it down about three - four things she has revealed to the public.

cardi b interview and show

Cardi b sited with Apple Music and she reveal that she's not on feud with Nicki Minaj and majority sees it as someone on cede.Topsatsr also recorded it out in the same interview following her personal life.She said that she's not as prostitute or a sucking dick as we updated.

In last report on Top,Cardi finally revealed that she's pregnant during one of her show at Saturday Live Performance and because of her pregnant she will be missing the Wireless Festival and they have also say a very big congrats to her.

 The Drip rapper has also disclosed it to those who are not aware of her love to Offset.After she sited with the few days interview she then nabbed by  Hot 97’s Ebro in The Morning and their she said more about Offset and her pregnancy.Topstars realized that Cardi b hate it seeing people harassing her and she want to be along and keep her privacy just after she spook with Hot 97's Ero.

During that time she also told us how she met Offset.According to her,she said that they met in New York and the she fall in Love deeply for him even Offset.She also said that she never want to date any man as for that time but offset seem landing with a Juggernaut full with love on that's how she explained in her second interview.

Cardi b has debut her Invasion Of Privacy which features some of Thetopsatars and is also currently on streaming.
Where Cardi b and Offset ‘Fall in Love’ Before He Gets Her Pregnanted Where Cardi b and Offset ‘Fall in Love’ Before He Gets Her Pregnanted Reviewed by Jay Links on April 10, 2018 Rating: 5
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