Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar Albums On Hot

It never been that sad that Cardi b breaks the history that was kept by Beyonce.However it looks we do understand that Card be and her album is still winning the best irrespective that Cardi b Invasion Of Privacy was lucky to hit on billboard with 13 tracks while Beyonce 2016 Lemonade then follows up with 12 track as it was recorded during the past years.

But that album which was dropped on 2016 has gain more weight during the 2018 Coachella Performance.As Topstars record the report about Beyonce performance during that event,she carry on with her Lemonade which was reignited by her during the Coachella Performance with some other artist.Lucky to her the album was streamed that moment and even after the show.

Following our previous update about Beyonce Lemonade album,she electrify her fans with the total tracks in the album during 2018 Coachella and the album hits No.1 on Worldwide iTunes after it was streamed strongly around the world.Beyonce album is having most of the countries around as we said earlier but in USA the album still crewing the fifth position.
Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar 2018 Coachella
Now this a clear note down that shes gradually coming out to compete for Grammy album of the year after we are yet to hear a new project from her which we don't even know if she is come for that.As you can see the album is breathing to emerge with the fellow competitors like Cardi b,Nicki Minaj who will soon drop her anticipating album and lot more artist with different album.

As for Kendrick Lamar “DAMN” New York Times already agreed that his album is breaks the boundaries with Beyonce Lemonade.According to the site,the first Pulitzer Prize for music awarded outside of classical or jazz went to Kendrick Lamar, for his album “DAMN.” It was both a significant shift in perspective for the prize, and also an after-the-fact arrival for hip-hop into yet another hallowed hall. (And while we’re here, it was also an implicit rebuke to the Grammys, which have also consistently denied Mr. Lamar its top honor.).What do you think about their albums.Share This.
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