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50 Cent Reacts On Instgram To Vivica A. Fox's Wendy Williams Interview

When it comes to craziness 50 Cent can't be exceptional,when it come to Diss he can mock it to the last but if it comes to relationship what exactly do you think about him.50 cENT and Vivica,they had it since past years now and Vivica A. still want to let the public to understand her Rival with 50 Cent.Now in a discussion about Wendy Williams Interview which surfaced with Vivica,it seem the Topic is hot when using the name 50 Cent and the American rapper sit aside to watch exactly what their discussion is all about.

Although the interview is all about Wendy Williams Everyday I'am Hustling which she is also promoting along.Their conversion in the interview wasn't prestigious FiFi Cent and he blow back on his Instagram with a bit creepy caption seeing the two women sitting and facing each other while they talk about the promoting of Everyday I'am Hustling.Probably the Rapper over heard them he follows up with his reaction saying,

50-Cent-vicica fox interview
What the fuck is going on here🤨man Damn. Smh 😡get the strappp NOW ! #lecheminduroi

Vivica A.on the interview narrated briefly about her relationship with 50 Cent and she say it was very tough time during her relationship with 50 Cent.What get us surprise is that Fox also ready to date 50 Cent ? and she's ready to accept him if only he will come back.
She also talk about “PG-13.” and there she said that “It was PG-13 compared to what he was saying at the time,” she told Williams.
“I think that the reason it’s haunted me for such a long time is I found out later that he wanted to propose to me,” she noted. “So that’s why for so long, I think that it’s haunted me that I always felt like, ‘Gosh, if I just could’ve done better.’ I didn’t know. And that’s what I share for other ladies that sometimes we have to learn to not do too much and let the man be the man.”
Sometimes 50 Cent don't normally worry about Women but all he focus is his Gaming and making his money.He enjoys being on dis issue and he continue to run it with Conor McGregor who jabbed him telling him that he needs a bra.Previously on Topstars,50 Cent also unveiled his USA tour which comes with one of his old album that was produces by Dr Dre and Eminem.
50 Cent Reacts On Instgram To Vivica A. Fox's Wendy Williams Interview 50 Cent Reacts On Instgram To Vivica A. Fox's Wendy Williams Interview Reviewed by Jay Links on April 13, 2018 Rating: 5
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