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5 Real Facts about Nicki Minaj to Cardi b Since Ever

Nicki Minaj Better Than Cardi b1 is not surprise about how the rival about Nicki Minaj and Cardi b keep igniting with awful and nasty argument on who is taking over the female hip-hop generation.Creepy or no Creepy there's still more prove that lays in between this two divas.Cardi b is on her flip against Nicki Minaj after her Bodak Yellow earn beyond dollar.However,the pair are female rappers that always make the public eyes with their substantial worth and this seem to bee a hug of competition which social media and fans has as an advantage.

Since Bodak Yellow was dropped by be careful rapper,it looks like there was a touch to Nicki Minaj because the track not a mascot to Cardi b but her excelling avid wide success after we all heard that track with it hit.Nicki Minaj Needs to change gear because someone is trying to make a metal clang that might sound interesting.Well,we still lover her (Nicki) with some reasons just few reasons.

She's Unbeatable As For Now ?

For real,Nicki Minaj and Cardi b is making the online media to speaking much about them in Hip-Hop and even if there's many dialogue online about their success, Cardi b that has no roller-coaster against Nicki Minaj despite her Bodak Yellow.Nicki Minaj has been that rapper who always think positive to her career and we all lover her for that and as for Cardi b we are proud of her for new level.

Nicki Minaj Should't Be Compared To Female Rappers ?

We once heard Cash Money boss Birdman on an interview with rap-up where he talked about Nicki Minaj as the greatest female rapper in hip-hop.Categorically it sounds annoying after hearing that and if that's an accolades to Nicki Minaj from Birdman some negative fans can still slam him for that.But regardless to what he said Nicki Minaj has been that female rapper who can't be compared with fellow female rapper owing to his capability of flows and why don't say Nicki Minaj vs  any of the male ones.

She Feels The Best Ever

Something just precipitate few months probably that's should be last year when Nicki Minaj didn't leaked what happened on of our popular album Memory Don't Die by Tory Lanez. Actually Nicki should have pen in with Tory but what happened.According to Lanez,he told HNHH the reason why Nicki Minaj wasn't in his album.I was talking about Nicki Minaj, she was on "Shooters" originally.
She was on the record first, and I was telling her something about the verse, I wasn't saying it was bad or anything, her verse was incredible, and I'm also like a super-Nicki fan. But I was telling her something, and it may have came off.. Cause I was texting her, and it may have came off in a different way, she probably read it in a different way than I said it."
He said.Nicki Minaj don't care about how you are contributing on a specific joint,project or collaboration because she always believe that any line she contribute worth it all because it will definitely hit.

Cardi b Should Keep Her Rap Battle ?

This days Nicki Minaj and Cardi b still hold it tight about their album and Topstars published a post that reads Nicki Minaj and Cardi b Challenging on who to drop album.What are day waiting for,is the No Frauds rapper afraid of the Bodak Yellow rapper.Well Cardi is yet to make a relentless revamp as Nicki did and it will only takes her time to grasp along with the rapping skills from Nicki Minaj.

She's Proud Of Her Crew/Team

Nicki Minaj has that supporters whom she can only count on.She has that stand that always gives her a solid ground when ever she's about to make a convey.People like Drake,Lil Wayne and Birdman are there for her at least we can refer them as NO FRAUDS team.Just recently we are told that she's the first female rapper to Move Over 5 Million Units Per Album as HNHH told us.Cardi b and Nicki Minaj might be having a serious in Hip-Hop world but that don't mean she better than Nicki as for Now.

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