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Why Nicki Minaj Wasn't On Tory “Lanez Memory Don't Die”

Why Nicki Minaj Wasn't On Tory Lanez Memory Don't Die
When things happens it always seem that's how it should be either negative or positive aspect.The fact has it way on a line which Nicki Minj would have join force in Tory Lanez Memory Don't Die.The album was successfully released few days again about but something came up after the arrival of the album.Memory Don't Die surface on March 2 gusting 50 Cent,Future and Wiz Khalifa.

Nicki Minaj might have downsize this album after Tory Lanez contacted Nicki Minaj On a single Shooter.Yeah,you hear me saying Shooters which came online last year.Nicki Minaj made some lines for this song in question but merely there was misunderstand that clangs with Nicki and Tory Lanez.Male singer Tory Lanez has unveiled the only reason that cause a misdemeanor against Nicki Minaj probably that's the only reason she back off in the single Shooters.

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Just in an interview with sited with HNHH were the singer told his encounter with Nicki Minaj and categorically stated the fact without guessing.He feels that he was the cause why Nicki Minaj drop of in the single Shooters.Read below

"I was talking about Nicki Minaj, she was on "Shooters" originally.She was on the record first, and I was telling her something about the verse, I wasn't saying it was bad or anything, her verse was incredible, and I'm also like a super-Nicki fan. But I was telling her something, and it may have came off.. Cause I was texting her, and it may have came off in a different way, she probably read it in a different way than I said it."

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"I think it maybe kinda came off a little bit arrogant, or I kinda said something I shouldn't have said about her verse, and she was like, "well, n*gga, it's not that serious, take my verse off the thing.' We was like, aight. I love Nicki Minaj when it comes down to her music and the whole thing, but I'm not a reacher. Once a n*gga says it's quiet, it's quiet...Maybe in the future when the time is right, we'll do something that's right, that we both feel comfortable with."

What do you think,who are you blaming.
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