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Looks Like Travis Scott Got a New Face Tattoo

Looks Like Travis Scott Got a New Face Tattoo
As many are having it and saying a lot about the newly Travis Scott .Yeah we all know that he had a new tattoo draw on his face but that never be an issue with him and Kylie Jenner.Few days ago,a new post on Instagram has a new inked tattoo on his with that caption free.So people are  seriously trying to understand the meaning of this tattoo on Travs Scott face while some already take their opinion as a new new ink for Kylie Jenner.on twitter.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner has had that wonderful moment since last year leaving Tyga on a regrettable story after the breakup with the cosmetic girl.Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott had their new born baby they has told us the name of the which is Stormi.Stormi is the name of their baby and it was named after some few days the baby was delivered.

That same this year,Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner had that match tattoo inked on their body. "It was actually the first time they’ve been out on a date night since Kylie had Stormi," an insider said. "They went to a tattoo artist and got secret matching tattoo tributes to their daughter. They haven’t told people what they got. Kylie organised it as a surprise and Travis loved it." according to The Sun.

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Last year they also share a new tattoo where Kylie Jenner show up with her own tattoo inked on her right leg while Travis Scott has his own on his left leg.The image is believed to be a homage to the rapper's song "Butterfly Effect," which is rumored to be about Jenner.

Travis Scott,Kyile Jenner and Tyga has been that celebrities who had a  lot of online issue as of that year Kylie had her pregnancy.Although many are still thinking that Stormi is a baby to Tyga as  she looks like the Dubi Trip rapper.
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