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Rihanna Dreams Babies with her boyfriend Hassan Jameel ?

Rihanna Dreams Babies with her boyfriend Hassan Jameel
For real again,folks aims giving Rihanna a baby in this period of time.The singer might think of that but are you the one trying to insulate ideas for her.Hmm,outdoor people will always try to make Conny but the fact is that Riri still on her independent on her decision any time she wants it.Few days ago on Topstar,a post also show creepy and fake news from online that reads Rihanna wants to come come back to Chris Brown.We updated the post here on Top following some prove from gossipcop.

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According from the site again,another annoying post online has leap out one of it kind to favor some fans,disclosing that Rihanna thinking of having babies from Hassan Jameel.Is extremely impressing but can we rely on there any fact from Rihanna either on her social internet yet insiders continue to bedazzle an awful information.According to cops,the fake news website has a long ideas of posting wrong info for Rihanna relationship with Jameel.

Thetopstars are yet to believe some trash but if an information is enthusiasm we sit to get it broadcasted online.We all know the beyond race from Chris Brown and Rihanna and since the trolls comes in as a misdemeanor,Rihanna keeps enjoying with his new boyfriend in named Hassan Jameel whom she's dating presently since she breakup with Chris Brown.Now the question is,are they getting it ready like Jay z and Beyonce as a couple or can we refer them to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott who are already husband and wife with their baby.

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Well,cops proving something wrong from online where so called source told HollywoodLife by saying, “Rihanna is madly in love with Hassan and she’s starting to plan for a future with him.” The outlet’s seemingly fake “insider” further claims Rihanna and Jameel are “very serious, and now that she’s hit the big 3-0 she’s thinking about stuff like marriage and family a lot more.” The blog’s same supposed “source” then contends almost contradictorily, “She and Hassan aren’t rushing into anything, but that’s where her head is going.”

As you can see the above statement never regard as a solidify information.We need to keep the roll with cops by flushing out all entangled and fabricate dialogue about Rihanna and her life style.If you can recall the time it was gossiped that Rihanna is pregnant,there was a serious buzz and confusion as the singer was seen getting fat.So called source added that she's pregnant which was figured false during that period as of last year.So what do you think, Rihanna Dreams Babies with her boyfriend Hassan Jameel for real? .
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