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Rick Ross Wants Baby Mama’s official Social Media Accounts Paused

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Rick Ross,thank he get better after his health condition as reported.Rick Ross has found himself into women troubles and he want to scrap annoying feeling from his Baby Mama out to that extent ordering a demand from the court to catch over his baby mam Social Media account to be pause.

William Roberts III and his Mom Tia Kemp is the family which this Boss has and Tai Kemp as baby once make a convey by suing Rick Ross in the past past years (2017).Rick Ross again to encounter another problem if only he didn't met up with Tia Kemp and that's has being of of her mind over Rick R.

After some years back Tai and Rick Ross made that agreement following the suing and they also settled some issue regarding to support.Tai Kemp been a cleaver woman which claimed later head over to the court for another financial support from Rick Ross.She believes that Rick Ross has Much to do and also believes that he ought to bring in support because of his wealth.

Following the news/report,this woman has been wondering on how to get this worked out and for some years she keep trying to convince Rick over child support of their child William Roberts III.She also proved that Rick Ross never wanted such as she also said Rick refuse to hand over records that has to do with his financial.

Tia Kemp has go beyond the line by pushing this issue to social media and Rick Ross was not happy about that.Rick Ross escalating his anger by forwarding a file to the court to stop Tia Kemp from spreading issues on Social medias like Facebook,Instagram twitter and lot more with the above name and this happened on February just this year.

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According to Rick Ross, Tia being“upset that [Rick Ross] will not cede to her financial demands so that she can live off of child support rather than obtain employment” .

Rick Ross has accused her of a series of social media post and how she try to publish untruthful story about his and also said that she even the social media to follow him about.Rick Ross and his baby mama in clang of child support is a widespread around them and Rick is taking every action to stop that.

Rick Ross wants all those support to be proved and the rapper claims he do send money for her yet she keep messing up on media activities.So Ross – has the new format of Tia Kemp on Instagram and he has told the court to investigate all post of Tia on social media.

Currently,Tia Kemp is missing about 50% of her being able to establish post on social media because it most be reviewed.

The Florida rapper is now on his full ground after he was rushed to Miami hospital following his ill health.He also shared a couple of photos with Gucci Mane on Instagram after he was discharged from the hospital.
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