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NERD,Rihanna's New 'Lemon' Remix Features Drake

NERD,Rihanna's New 'Lemon' Remix Features Drake
Back Top Music,today on Topstars three stars has join force for a song called Lemon which we already heard from Rihannna and NERD but this time they enlist Drake in the song which is highly surprising as Darke and Rihanna linked up together just to make a new song more perfect than ever.

Drake and Rihanna had some issue before based on their dating and many are now asking if Drake is coming to Rihanna after he admits that he fall in love with Rihanna at the age of 21.Hmm,this is not awful but some fans has started thinking positive on Drake and Rihanna after Riri and Chris Brown had a bad moment since this year.

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NERD is back again with the new song more understandably after Rihanna penned a nice line in the track yet has agreed to show some love to fans after his God's Plan pull out a great acclaim to Toronto of course he told the song is meant for the Citizen over there.He also told us that he is working on a new album for the city and you can read that here.

However,let's take note of the collaboration just to see NERD,Rihanna and Drake what the result is all about.Billboard also made Topstars to know that The latest version of "Lemon" begins with a verse from Drake, who raps: “I get it how I live it/ I live it how I get/ Y’all don’t really get it​/ I pull up in a lemon/ Blocks get to spendin'/ Money 3D printin'/ Never had a limit/ Never been religious/ I just always had opinions."

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N.E.R.D and Kendrick Lamar made a collaboration last year on Don’t Don’t Do and you can still download that to take a listen.If you really want to stream the track live,you can check the audio on youtube  but you can as download the song below and see who is rapping in the 'Lemon' song.

NERD,Rihanna's New 'Lemon' Remix Features Drake NERD,Rihanna's New 'Lemon' Remix Features Drake Reviewed by Jay Links on March 18, 2018 Rating: 5

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