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Meek Mill's mother New addressed her Son case

meek mill case
Meek Mom is speaking good about his son since she found himself to 2-4 year in the Pennsylvania prison.Many things has been said to Meek Mill after his case is being treated yet the Rapper is still facing real misdemeanor.Last Week we heard that Meek Mill case is sitting to draw more fact about his releasing according to his previous report.

The Rapper who bear the real name as Robert Rihmeek Williams started his live in Prison last year about he was charge in a case that counted with his previous felony.Many people are working hare to set this Hip star free from prison without Cede.His Lawyer,his team group and lot more continue to slam the rate of charge that lands on  Meek Mill.

We all as a fan of the rapper,probably if you are not at least someone behind you feels about this rapper and his charge.Merely,we can agree that Meek Mill enemies want him to spend more time in the prison but his Mother has abruptly made a new roller-coaster,details how her son live his precious life.

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According to report from CNS,Meek Mill Mom is now blaming those in control of her in prison.During an interview with CNS,Meek mom speaks on behalf of her son telling us how Meek Mill lives his life.His mom called him a good kid during the interview.Meek Mill is a quite and a humble person.He don't like parrot but he talk less as we follow up her mom emphasis during the interview.

“When he started hanging with his cousins, over in South Philly, I noticed that he started rapping and started on his little lyrics and stuff like that,” Williams said. “I thought it was just a hobby because I’m into music. I like music too but not knowing that it was going to go this far.”
Meek Mill Mom whose name is Kathy Williams explained the past life her son do engage himself on but she continue to say more about the King singer/rapper.Well,as his attorneys continue to fire file on Meek Mill,they have file the second request for the removal of Judge Brinkley .He is still having about 50% of getting out from prison.

The case of Ex Nicki Minaj is now getting some negative to the police officer Reginald Graham as a corrupt cop and investigation is still on point.
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