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Lil Wayne Pull Up to Court,Birdman Refusing to Turn Over Nicki Minaj and Drake Contracts

Lil Wayne Pull Up to Court,Birdman Refusing to Turn Over Nicki Minaj and Drake Contracts
Lil Wayne pick up a new legal against Birdman.Few days back everything was understand that Birdman star and Lil Wayne getting things done.However we still count some issue from Lil Wayne and Cash Money.He never think of Making Cash Money a blackout but he keep demanding for his right even for his crew Nicki Minaj and Drake.

Previously,Lil Wayne and Birdman seem on a good roll but that's also looks like a fabricating idea such that making fans to believes no feud can be seen any more around.But let's tell the truth,Lil Wanye and Birdman are never show together rather they igniting the social media with their suggestion.There's no truce,no fact or evidence approve that will show their long term issue has been resolved.

Cool,that we heard him saying The Carter V is coming this year,Birdman said.He also compare Lil Wayne with Tupac which many fan reacted on our Facebook page.Lil Wayne and Birdman Jr (Son) celebrated birthday but this never show a mean Birdman and Lil Wayne.Birdman abrupt his idea about Lil Wayne and The Carter V yet Lil Wayne haven't said any thing about his thought.

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Lil Wayne is not sleeping,what action is he taking against Birdman.Tunechi has raised another accusation on Birdman for not Turning over documents relating to Nicki Minaj and Drake and this has made him to pull up to court reminding about the court about the document in name with Nicki Minaj and Drake.Topstars is not surprise about this but Lil Wayne only seek for his right even for Nicki and Drake.

On February 21, Wayne filed a motion to compel production of documents in his years-long $50 million-dollar lawsuit against Birdman’s Cash Money Records just before Birdman start to speak on behalf of  Lil Wayne as all look at comprehend post.

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Lil Wayne Took this action after Birdman assumed to the court that he has turn over the documents in their possession that the rapper has demanded they turn over.

He says Cash Money produced 121,000 pages of documents but calls them mostly tediously accounting reports prepared by Universal Music, which the Cash Money is under. Wayne says Cash Money was ordered to produce documents but continues to refuse to turn over important information needed in the case.

Lil Wayne gave out his reputation out as Cash Money still agreed that their company has earned over $200 million in cash flow, it has no accounting records, no general ledger, no bank account records and no tax returns at all.

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Weezy also made it known that why he is fight for is because the document which Birdman needs to turn over wans't in the court direction.Birdman claimed it has been turn over but the young rapper insist that he haven't and the document relating to Nicki Minaj and Drake contract.

Weezy’s motion also accuses Cash Money of not turning over records of payments the label made to Birdman and his brother, Ronald Williams. Further, he says they refuse to hand over all tax returns from 2011. He says, “Unless Cash Money admits to criminal failure to file tax returns for 2011 to present, Cash Money must produce these returns.”Still Waiting for Court to speak.
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