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Justin Bieber Thinks and Talk about Selena Gomez during on Break

Justin bieber and gomez on ride
Surprisingly we see Justin Beiber with mystery girl hanging out without Selena Gomez.Publicly,everybody has that single mind that the pair are now dating following the moment Justin Bieber and the mystery girl had few days ago as we update.

Was this real or is Justin Bieber just his serious time with Selena Gomez after we heard from her Selena Gomez that Justin Bieber is her soulmate.Although let's just accept her view but time they are on break what do you think about this OFF on On Justin Bieber and with g Selena Gomez.

Selena Gome's mom has denied the allegation made on her as source told people that she's never in support of her daughter going back with Justin Bieber but that not the reason they are on break.Source also made us to know that Justin Bieber on break leaving Gomez as for is a separate issue to talk about.

They know what they are doing as source told us but more fact about is yet to figured out because Bieber has hang out with a mystery girl.However the same source has told that Justin Bieber has no break with his reconcile ex Selena Gomez.

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Since Justin bieber made his current break without — breakup,he has being on that night with a female friend of who is the sister to his male friend  Patrick Schwarzenegger.But is this all about trust is justin Bieber just spending some time with this mystery girl who was claimed to be a sister of Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Well,as many thinks beyond expectation about the new choice of the Friends singer,close source to Justin Bieber has told that Justin Bieber is not dating the girl in question and every time she stays with her he always talk about Selena Gomez.The insider also unveiled that Justin Bierber is not dating any female model but he do straight his mind on Selena Gomez.

Since Justin Bieber and Selena — his date attended a wedding in Jamaica for Dads wedding things wasn't that forward and people believes they are engaging themselves in trolls which they formal reconcile just last year.
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