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Eminem Becomes The Second Musician To See 3 Singles Go Diamond

Eminem Becomes The Second Musician To See 3 Singles Go Diamond
Revival Rapper (Album) has track down his history just for a betterment of his Music.Eminem the Rap God electrify it after enlisting himself with the highest richest HipHop.Jay-z,Diddy and more also ignites the list but Jay-z comes the hot ever in the richest artist in the world after Diddy smashed him down last.Eminem is still in the Top list with Drake and some other U.S.A artist,read more.

'Eminem Becomes The Second Musician To See 3 Singles Go Diamond',this has pull more respect to the rapper after such performance of his album with hot smash hits penned along in the album.Forbes has pointed that acclaim to what ought to be done.Eminem Lose Yourself” in no surprise get to it certified diamond,yeah that not astonished because the single merit all our intention about the that track (Lose Yourself) .

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According to Forbes,
Lose Yourself is one of fewer than 20 songs that have ever earned the distinction granted to pieces of music that manage to move over 10 million equivalent units in the U.S. alone.You know it wasn't that easy for any artist to get the Earning a diamond certification and just few of them has gotten to that level with their respective hits.

Eminem,shocked us with three singles which Go Diamond.Post online told thetopstars that Eminem is now of the artist in U.S history after three singles from his Revival regard very substantial,making a pretty certified diamond ever.Just like other artist get to grab certified diamond with only a single but EM has enjoy his certified diamond with three songs
for a trio of smash hits.Some of those old songs from Eminem keep in track of his career and they keep making more waves for him.

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You might be asking the three songs of Eminem that gear up this to him.Well,let's look at Eminem biggest smashes be awarded the coveted plaque, with “Lose Yourself” following fellow No. 1 hits “Not Afraid” and “Love The Way You Lie,” which also granted pop singer Rihanna her first diamond award,according to Forbes.

This not a competition but let you all know that Eminem is now in line with
Katy Perry who has also made this history in U.S music base of course worldwide.She's the first with three songs that also Go Diamond before Eminem.Katy Perry the Pop-Star surprised us with three songs hit listed as  “Dark Horse,” “Firework” and most recently, “Roar,” you all as a real fans might have encounter about.

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It will be interesting to see whether Eminem or Katy Perry becomes the first to have four songs become diamond chart-owners, and if so, which one takes the lead now that they are tied. With two 8-times platinum-certified singles (“California Gurls” and “E.T.”) still being streamed all the time, it looks like Perry will win, though anything can happen behind the scenes at the RIAA.
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