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Here's the answer to Cardi b's tax question

cardi b taxes question
Since Cardi b prob the USA taxes off,the internet is now seriously want to know what's going on with the Task payment.Cardi b being the first celebrity to ask what her tax money is use for seem having that answer from the state budget office.

Cardi b and previously took it to social media account where she asked a question saying i want to know you are doing with my F**** money.Thetopstars has acknowledged that the Bronx rapper money has a vast roll to contribute to tax after she disclosed that 40% of her money moves to tax.

She continue to pull out question about her tax money even without taking a cede about what she's saying.Cardi b might have peek on that nasty and entangled situation which people are facing that's one the prompt motive which pushed her to ask this question.

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Cardi b also pointed some fact about the street and some other other subway which thought that her tax money are working on those inadequate roads.Celebrity like P. Diddy and wonder what the tax money is being used for and they all thinks they pay much in tax funds.Well,this is a serious matter and the federal tax got that answers for all this.

Topstars,following,the tax money goes to military and according to federal tax,half of the money go over there and they used last year to give a typically example of where to tax money is spent on.U.S spent about $611 billion on defense. see blow.
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