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Watch Iggy Azalea Shine in new Video ‘Savior’ Feat. Quavo

Watch Iggy Azalea Shine in new Video ‘Savior’ Feat. Quavo
Is only the blind that can't see all those videos from Savior and Tinashe.About two great video has saw Quavo the migos crew,He was featured on one Tinashe video called Faded Love and you can watch that here.The same guy was featured earlier in the past by Iggy Azalea on one of her song Savio and today here comes the video see the female rapper/singer shining bright on the same video.

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Iggy Azalea  is still keep her upcoming album  Surviving The Summer anticipating although there's great deal from her after giving some songs at least we can't about four songs of  Iggy Azalea  which she has enlisted in the upcoming album.Just like Nicki Minaj keeping herself busy,Iggy Azalea is also busy but not really like that but gradually making out songs.

She also made us to Know that the title of her album is not what fans expected.She told one of her fan on social media after she was asked if the title of her album is Digital Distortion,she replied by saying no and went on to reveal she would release new tracks produced by Ljay Currie.

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In the past June,she said that,"At first everybody at my label was like, 'June 2, June 2,'" she said in a Snapchat video. "And I was like cool. So I told everybody that. But then they were like, 'No we changed our mind, lets put the pre-order up on June 2.' So I was like okay, cool that seems fair. What's my album date going to be? And they were like, 'June 30.' So I did a bunch of interviews on TV the day that my single dropped with Anitta, and it seemed like all the reporters knew the date, June 30."

Now a new video is out from Iggy,you can watch that below and share with us to her friends also.
Watch Iggy Azalea Shine in new Video ‘Savior’ Feat. Quavo Watch Iggy Azalea Shine in new Video ‘Savior’ Feat. Quavo Reviewed by Jay Links on February 28, 2018 Rating: 5

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