Nicki Minaj Missing On Social Media

Nicki Minaj Missing On Social Media
Fans has found some awkward moment since this year,but what might be the problem surrounding Nicki Minaj fans.Oh Where Is Nicki Minaj That's has been the Question of the day still the moon gush out.The Queen,The Raptress,AKA No Frauds seem treating her fans with rogue as everybody guess so.Since Last Year,Nicki Minaj has Not said hi,hello,how you doing and the only thing seen last was a selfie uploaded on her IG account on December 30, 2017.

This has made some nasty and creepy to her fans since last year she appears last on social Media.Is Nicki Minaj Missing On Social Media,each and everyone of her has wonders.However to get things in touch with Nicki Minaj,her fans move forward and launched a new website called at the Photo below,it shows the self-proclaimed Black Barbie with Finding Nicki written, spoofing "Finding Nemo". The clock states that it's been 39 days since the Trinidadian beauty was last seen.
Nicki Mina Disappears on Twitter and Instagram
One of her fan called Nicholas Burrus and his co friends launched the website after all they seek for Nicki Minaj presence on Social Media.According to Burrus saying to his friend Morley,"When [Morley] was over at my house on Friday night, he looked at Nicki's Instagram and showed me that she hadn't posted anything since December 30," Burrus says in a statement to HipHopDX. "He told me something like, 'It's weird. She posts all the time.' I agreed because it was weird how she disappeared ... Disappearances are very unlikely for her." Below is the last photo which the diva posted on her social media as of December 30,just last year.

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Probably Nicki Minaj being on silent can be regarded as one of her assiduousness in studio,meanwhile she is currently working on her upcoming album which she has promised so far last year.Burrus made it know that Nicki Minaj is working on her next album as said earlier.''Nicki Minaj has been in so many place and this time around she wants no disturbance'' Burrus assumed so.

Let's jut wait for Nicki to reply about this and by now she might have acknowledged that her fans is waiting for her post,shows,booking and lot more about her social profile.We also to be looking forward about her upcoming fourth studio album because her best crew Drake and Lil Wayne has been good for us.Drake visited Miami High School to shot part of her God's Plan Video.What do you think,do you notice that Nick Minaj is Missing On Social Media.if yes let us know.
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