Nicki Minaj is Not Missing But See the Secret

Nicki Minaj is Not Missing But See the Secret
You Know what,that correction has made a way after Nicki Minaj fans thinks she's missing.although someone slightly told that she's doing something iconic which has truly disclosed by Dj Clue.Well,let's wait to see what Nicki Minaj is up to.If some is keeping silent it don't means he or she has nothing to offer.Nicki Minaj Missing On Social Media can be a buzzing which her fans wanted to dragged her out.Remember that fourth album of Nicki Minaj is coming and that's has been the secret of Nicki Minaj keeping silent that clangs as a misdemeanor given to her fans.

So,why Nicki Minaj is missing temporary is because she is coming with a heavy force with her album linking and guesting same Top-Stars in the album,probably we are expecting Drake and Lil Wayne in the album line because that's her crew. DJ Clue has to express some nervousness about Nicki Minaj Missing.However,If you are not seeing Nicki Minaj may be you have to take a look below as DJ Clue and Nicki Minaj Poss in studio.Click the image to view

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Nicki x dj clue
Looks great. “A Couple Kids From Queens Nyc,” he wrote. Her fans quickly converged on the pic with a big sigh of relief. “Aye clue stop f***ing playing with us my ni**a. Queen Nicki we f***ing Miss you please just drop a preview 20 secs is all we need please you killing me I need you Nicki I’m on here looking crazy for you. WTF you at,”

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Nicki and Dj Clue has surprise us and it also meas that they are doing something good in studio that will soon come to real.This not the first time diva and Clue are catching each.Several engagement on Nicki Minaj Songs has some hands from DJ Clue at least we can recall Rock Star which they teamed together.

“Nicki Minaj is not missing,she is doing some work in studio and all fans she cam down for she's coming out a biggest work of the year”. source told us.
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