Nicki Minaj Enlisting Lil Wayne in her Fourth Coming Album ?

Nicki Minaj Enlisting Lil Wayne in her Fourth Coming Album
There's something going around now,since we heard that Nicki Minaj is Missing that sound unbelievable.However the News was rumored around but later the real result then show up.Nicki Minaj is working for her upcoming album with is the the fourth coming project with each and everyone of us is waiting for.But Previously on Topstars,DJ Clue also talked about Nicki disclosing her whereabouts.The fact is that the diva is busy working for something great while some the haters out there slamming about her and trying to kick her out,telling that why Nicki Minaj is Missing is because she's trying to survive from her earlier mistakes.Oh that's just a hogwash because looking at how things are going, she seriously working on her new project work which we all trying to see artist like Drake and Lil Wayne and even of the others.

Cardi b
seem the top leading diva since the news that reads Nicki Minaj is missing.She previously collaborated with Offset in a single from Chris Jeday, J Balvin & Ozuna called ‘Ahora Dice’.While Cardi b still maintaining her Music Lines,Nicki Minaj still encountering some breakup after Meek Mill ditch her out and Nas the rapper took.Just few days we heard that Nas and Nicki Minaj call it of yet No Frauds Rapper still stand to face the widespread news about her miss and the on going news with her and Nas.

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Now after Dj Clue told us something about Nicki Minaj,another news has ignite the net proving that Nicki is still on code.Lil Wanye and Nicki Minaj teamed up for her Fourth Album.she has some help from Lil Wayne who we’re told is executive producing the project.

“C’mon we tune out all the unnecessary noise and focusing on the things that matter like this next Nicki album for the fans,” sources close to the Young Money rapper confirmed with Thetopstars. “Nicki Minaj is assiduously work for her next project work,she don't need remind that her followers are hungry of her Songs.We and Lil Wayne keep working hard with other team work to ensure that her album is one of the best in the year.”

Nicki Minaj has worked with Lil Wayne in his Dedication 6 at least we once heard their voice in 5 Stars and as of last year Nicki Minaj,Drake and Lil Wayne has penned a songs which we all knew as No Frauds.Songs like Regret In Your Tears and Change It has been the earlier song of Nicki Minaj since last year 2017.Nicki Never buy that idea of getting those three tracks on her new Album.In fact she's making a conceal on those tracks meaning she's scraping it out.

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Source further let us know that Nicki Minaj is nagging some thoughts about her recent songs which was released last year.She mean to start a new line which is currently on fire.We are wait the album to show already we asked if Drake is coming along with the album no reply yet but with believe it gonna be a enthusiasm if that will happen.
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