Kris Jenner to Trademark Kylie Jenner's Stormi Baby

Kris Jenner trademarking Stormi
O.K is all about name,wanna make it private that's all the intention from the Kardashians Family.Trademarking a name this days seem to be the best decision from most of our Top Stars.Travis Scott an Kylie Jenner are now getting things serious from so many angles to make step for their new born baby.Previously on Top Kylie Jenner and Travis disclosed the name of their new born baby who's name is Stormi.Stormi was derived after the pair lovers made a contribution as a matter of opinion and you can read here to see how.
Now the looks cool to the family of Kardarshian,Kris Jenner the mother of Kylie Jenner has found the name as a major business opportunity.However,the name is also dragging much attention and source told us that Kris Jenner is busy with the name.

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"Kris is busy at work on the new name too. She has her legal team already trademarking the name and locking up all the social media accounts for Stormi. The grandma and super-momager is happy with the pick because, despite not being a K name, she still thinks it's great for marketing."

Some gossip site has also told that Kim and her husband and supporting the decision from the 62- year-old "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star.The also made us to know that Kany West is work for something that will come along with the name also.

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"Kanye loves the name too," the source revealed. The hip-hop star allegedly "thought it was a great idea because of how well the name works with his own new baby's name Chicago."

So that's the idea Kris Jenner and the family is all about and the fact is that they all love the name and would do something to up hold it.
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