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Jay z,Beyonce Joint Tour Leaked ?

Jay z,Beyonce Joint Tour Leaked ?
Are you still surprise that very soon we all will see The Carter V from Lil Wayne and Birdman,that project has taken a long time to arrive but still keeping the anticipating on.As we said, is all about Lil Wayne and Birdman with their rival in the Hip-Hop generation.While we wait for Cash Money promise,there's still some Hip-Stars who are keeping the fire warm,yeah,they keep twisting after their fans expecting joint tour from them.Beyonce and Jay z as a couple has always dragged their intention to go beyond expectation.In fact they are the major reason their fans are waiting because the substantial value from them is highly needed.

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There was a time a rumor gush out about Jay z and his wife Beyonce to link in a joint Tour,i think that was during the year 2013.Although it happened after it was leaked.The same thing that happened in the past years is about to repeat itself after it was leaked by twitter fans calming they have purchase ticket for the Tour.Source Told us that's ticket about Jay z and Beyonce tour is out and some die hard fans has already grabbed it immediately.

Well,the news surfaced online with many doubt but as for Topstars,we are yet to believe this because following the same source,we agreed that the Ticketmaster website never mind to shutdown the rumor and for now is down already just to avoid a havoc without a real fact.According to those of them called fans,they also narrated the way they encountered the Ticket that said to be a platform for purchasing Jay z and Byonce Joint Tour.

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A woman took it by saying,"You guys... Ticketmaster UK just updated with a 'Beyonce and Jay Z' page which I know for a fact was not there before. I suspect they're about to announce a joint tour," on twitter.Well if this can be real,we are not only waiting for it but we are happy to hear something like this to start precipitating for a good result.Topstars also agreed that if this is true and seeing the Ticketmaster website later shutdown the purchasing process,that means the Joint Tour has been leaked.

Previously on Top,Jay z made one of 4:44 single video with his daughter blue Ivy last month.It just a freestyle and we guess that Jay z cool to emerge with his wife on 4:44 album while queen b come along with her Lemonade.It will only happen if the Joint Tour granted by them.
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