Fan Admits Chris Brown as King Of R&B against Rihanna,Beyonce and Bruno Mars

Fan Admit Chris Brown as King Of R&B against Rihanna,Beyonce and Bruno Mars
Chris brown is facing some creepy from fans who go against him in the R&B generation.But might be the problem,why are they slamming the ex lover of Rihanna or can we say that Rihanna fans still blaming breezy for the long term breakup.Chris brown can't be a blackout irrespective of reputation that haters keep nagging on him.A news that reads Chris Brown touring with Rihanna,Beyonce and Bruno Mars was missing on Topstars but we later grab some more about it after controversy clangs in between Chris Brown,his fan and haters of Chris Brown also.

Believe it or not Chris Brown is not bigger than Bruno Mars,some fans opposition fans said on twitter.What dose that means and what brings up this trash, a true fan of breezy might consider to know more about that.Well,all started after mention a tour with the above three mentioned artist in the heading.Some fans wants the troll with Chris Brown and Rihanna to continue to ignite unexpectedly because some negative fans catch up with him after mentioning Rihanna,Beyonce and Bruno Mars on a tour.

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“Chris your not big enough to want a tour with RiRi and Beyonce, your not even big enough like Bruno Mars so please sit your azz down and be humble, in my Kendrick Lamar voice,” as unlabeled fan said on twitter.Surprisingly another anonymous added on twitter saying “I’m actually very tired of people who think Chris Brown is a better entertainer than Beyoncé. It’s embarrassing that you even think he is on her level. I’ve said this time without number, Beyoncé is the best entertainer of our era.”

Probably that's either Rihanna,Beyonce and Bruno Mars.Chris Brown seem noticing the debate about his and fellow Rihanna,Beyonce and Bruno Mars after it come to our notice when a fan of Chris Brow replied back to those who was rusticating the name Chris Brown.Although the fans defended Chris Brown posting a prove that made the loyal singer to re-share the post on his Instagram account.

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“What the f*** is wrong with people trying to tarnish this dude’s legacy like this dude is not elite, this is the same dude that controls a whole generation of R&B,” the fan said in his video rant. “So we going to sit here and act like Chris Brown is not the closest thing to Michael Jackson, like he don’t do everything. Are you f***ing kidding me, the dude has been elite since he was 15 years old. This is the same man that bodies every feature and turn a whack song into a hit. What is a song without a Chris Brown feature.” as the fans said.see below.
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Chris Brown always encounter some haters when he tries to make a step with Rihanna and that will always give him a clue what they seem him as.Chris Brown as we all know is one of the R&B but some can't believe that as you witness above.He dropped his album Heartbreak on a Full Moon which later feature some track this year.Songs like State of The Union,Him or Me, Go Off and some other some others are good to listen also.
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