10 Things To Know on Writing a Song & Being a good Singer

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Hello,am Scott,one the contributors on,Topstars. just in a few minute i do like to share what i intend to give to you guys who are still seeking how to make it in there Music Business.Actually not everybody that write get that perfect,either writing for yourself or writing for someone out there.You can be a ghostwriter not only for your self but for others who wanted one.

I hope you know what i mean by ghostwriter,good that you know what it mean in relevant.If really you want to be that word you need to believe in yourself set that ambition about writing  a song.Before i will start,in a second i will like to ask if you once pen a song before.I mean own song,if the answer is yes then you need to ask how you really get started,what it takes and is that cool for others in listening.

Writing a good song never been so easy but as a professional we do it a career with it criteria.Nevertheless,i really want to air it about how i write a good songs that gave out impact,or how you can write a song for yourself without a ghostwrite.I will just give you that bit but you need to do more assiduousness if you dream of being an lets start below with a very understandable way.

Knowing Your perfection

You need to know this because is one of the crucial way of getting into a business.Been a reasonable human you can't just start making a creepy of art by trying to claim what you are not.Sometimes the word (training) is a way of getting the best out of something but remember not everybody can be capable to accomplish it.Why i emphasis on this is because i recall the time i was still learning on how to write.Although we are numerous but how i succeed is that i believe that i can do it and is my dream that i ever dreamed of.So let perfection and dream be the exact of why you are doing this.

Exercise Your Writing Skills And Do Give Away Songs

That's good suggestion,because now you know what you are capable of doing and the only thing you need to do right away is to start making it real.May be you have written one song before and you think that is perfect.Well,you can't just judge it that way but let people be the ones to give you a feedback of what you did.As a upcoming singer/song writer,you write and give are doing this to receive that acclaim of how your work looks like.

 Grab A Caption

Caption we mean here is your title,yeah.before i talk about that i will like to say that you need to know why you are writing.Writing a song is of many types but following your category matters to the listeners,meanwhile tittle also shows what information you are tying to pass through.So i encourage you as a song writer to follow this and make it one of your best part.You can watch this video.

Know Songs Structure

As far you are a writer you can also sing and if you are a singer you should know how to write a song for yourself.So as a writer you should know the structures of songs.Like when to follow up a Verse,Bridge and Chorus.Your listener needs this steps so if you are doing something apart from this you are seriously walking of your writing.Watch this video.

Know Production Skills

You can't just focus on a particular skills but try as much to learn BPM and music producing skills.Although you might think that you have nothing to do with this but as far is Music writing you need to know it.I recall also when i was with one of the best dj mixer in my room,i got some follow up in Music lines and others.So when calling John also call James for this to match.

Seek For Great Writers

You already understand what am about to say.You see,don't be self-centered on writing a song,and you should know that why you are reading this post from Scott is that you are seeking for more knowledge.In meaning you should also look for the higher song writers to be more impacted.Alternatively,you should read more on what made this people more great song writers.

Follow Up A Genre

Can i say this to the singers/writers on a do know what Genre means in most case.How do you analyze your lines on a song or during when you are writing a song.Genre gives your listeners about how you roll on a song.your style should be unique and well organized.Whats your genre,Hip-Hop,Jazz or Latin Music and others.Just focus on your style of Music  to give a better expectation.

Accept Joint Single

Collaboration can give you a perfect idea.If you a singer,probably upcoming the best thing you need to do for yourself is to link up with fellow up artist specially who is in the high rank than.When you do this you are actually getting more inspiration because he or she might like to show you a guide in the song you guys are collaborating. 

Don't Neglect Correction

Even the professional writers and singers cares about this so you should not feel unconcern about correction.You might encounter this when your song is been played already or a friend just peek on your line realize a mistake.The only thing for you to do is to know what is right and follow up the right ones.

Provide Solutions

One of the secrete of song this days can't be doubt when a line in a songs says lets 'help each other','How we can live together and forever' and many more.Reasonable people will always value great songs like that so as a write you should write something like that.Even you are a rock star or a Hip-Hop you can also apply this to give more impact.

This is how you can improve your writing skills and also to become a good singer.Apply this and see it working.You can also give your own suggestions on how to write good songs or be a good singer by use the comment box.
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