Jay-z and Beyonce going on Tour,but it was Deleted Immediately

Jay-z and Beyonce going on Tour
Should there be any hope about Beyonce and her husband going on tour.Previously on Topstars we updated about this very topic were some fans claimed that Jay-z and Beyonce are going on tour.Some of the twitter fans specified as fact that the tour has already on sale as they claimed that they have gotten some ticket from Ticketmaster website and you can check that on our last post that reads Leaked tour from Jay-z and Beyonce.

Now,there's another fact insulating with some prove that the tour is seem coming for real.Although there was a day just on Tuesday that a post surfaced on Facebook concerning Jay-z and Beyonce Tour.The was seen as list of tour date appear on Beyonce Facebook Account and also having some in the Ticketmaster website as we said.

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The post was deleted for no reason of which can't tell as for now but the fact is that fans screenshot the post which was posted on the pair Facebook pages which is Beyonce and the Ticketmaster page.On that page it has a list of the tour event of course the date of the the tour was listed but they delete the post.

While pre-sale tickets appeared set to go on sale at 10am EST tomorrow, according to screenshots of the announcement, there has been no official word on when tickets will go on sale, if they will at all.The shows would be a follow-up to Jay-Z and Beyonce’s 2013 On the Run tour, which was named after a song on Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail album.

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Well,many are thinking if the tour is truly coming.Thetopstars,we are yet to give out full guarantee that Jay-z and Beyonce Tour coming,but base on what we can see let's just hope that there might be something like that to happen and if it dose,the name gonna be Jay-Z and Beyonce On the Run tour 2.

Jay-z and Beyonce plus Future was featured by Dj Khaled on a single called Top off.That was a very nice track from Jay,Bey,We the Best Music and Future although Beyonce blast over Kanye West wife on Top off as updated previously.
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