Singing “Top Off” with Beyonce can be a Blast to Kim Kardashian

Singing “Top Off” with Beyonce can be a Blast to Kim Kardashian
A new track was dropped online from Dj Khaled featuring Jay z,Future and Beyonce in a titled Top Off,download it here.Scraping out some miff surrounding most of our Top-Star can be one if the hard thing some can do.Celebrities do enjoys feud (i Guess) because many of the keep nagging themselves back to back either through diss track probably using the social media a place of reigniting issues against opponent.

What we heard through Beyonce line that got her featured in DJ Khaled Top Off  not only a song verse.Topstars has peek it on it and we have spy some dig on that song which we are about discuss with you readers.Although some published post has also emphasized on this particular track specially on her verse.Beyonce it not that too far to slam anybody that goes against.She keep the pop-up more active.

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By Now you should understand were am trying to go.You Know a very long time,Jay z and his little brother Kanye West has been in a havoc that lead the receptive family to a place of running malice.Though things seem getting right as of last year.Jay z and Kanye West in good terms and we recalled when Kanye West Called Out Beyoncé and Jay-Z out at a California concert in November 2016, claiming the 'If I Were A Boy' hitmaker used dirty tactics to win an award. He also claimed the couple weren't there for them after Kardashian-West was robbed at gunpoint in Paris earlier that year.

Topstars also made an update we actually appears here on our base,seeing Jay during his interview The New York were he claimed that things are right with him and Kanye West.Fans was bedazzled to hear this from Jay z but something is wrong since the recent track was released.We show up some lines come from Jay z and Beyonce in Top Up collaboration with Jay z.

What's wrong with the track,someone asked.Source has told us that not all passed under the bridge but you need to check out Beyonce full lyrics in Top and guess what she's taking about.

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"I'm the only lady here, still the realest n****r in the room. I break the internet, top two - and I ain't number two," Beyoncé croons in 'Top Off'.

'Single Ladies' singer Beyoncé snuffs out any lingering doubt about who she's singing about in a follow-up lyric. "My body, my ice, my cash, all real - I'm a triple threat," she says, pointing out that she's never had plastic surgery something Kardashian West has long been speculated to have had. what do you think.
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