Amber Rose & 21 Savage shuts down break-up rumours

Amber Rose & 21 Savage shuts down break-up rumours
iT has been some while we heard about this news from Amber Rose and 21 Savage.Actually the
enthusiasm of this stars seem more enjoyable but what if we think they call it off.Well that can't be real because this young plus old are seriously ready to trash any hovering rumours about their dating.Probably to those who still wonder if Amber Rose and 21 Savage are still dating,this post should give you a clue about them as it surface on Topstars.

Last year,Amber Rose and 21 Savage made their roller-coaster in their dating by moving a bit to show how serious they are getting it in a date.Topstars didn't record that the pair unfollowed themselves on social media but according to post online letting us to know that the growing lovers has deed it by doing so on IG.They made it sounds like all about them is off after all their IG photos was wiped off.

But we all know that this Mother love this rapper/singer.She has trail some notice about herself and 21 Savage just in an interview sitting with Shadesroom.The interview also show her intention over her dating with 21 Savage although it was so pretty that she mentioned she's still together with Savage.

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Topstars still believes they still are together after she has told that she unfollowed about 100 people on her Instagram account but she mistakenly enlist 21 Savage in the wipe out list.She try to let each and everyone understand that her action on Instagram wasn't a deed but is just an accident.She also explained why she clear all photos on her account,below is what she said,

"We’re still together, I just unfollowed over 100 people though, His unfollow was on accident—It’s back up now," she explained. When asked why she deleted all his photos from her page, she explained that it was due to the unwanted attention 21 Savage was getting.

"Everybody was going in on my baby and I didn’t like that," she said. Well even though these excuses do not really sound convincing, let's just hope this isn't another celebrity relationship waiting to hit the rocks.

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 21 Savage previously on Top gave us Pause as a single hit after we updated with a team work with Cardi b on a single called Bartier Bard.We also hope to see the track in Cardi b's upcoming album which she has promise to show up soon as we updated in our last post about Cardi b.
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