Wendy Williams Suggest 'Auto-Tune' to Beyonce

Wendy Williams Suggest 'Auto-Tune' to Beyonce
A lot of stories has been on this last week and one of the stories is Wendy Williams Vs Beyonce and other celebrities singers.What the hell seem coming over this female muggle as of the best fan ask Us.Well,it seem Wendy Williams on a sour blackout,facing some fellow Top stars with a backslash which one of the victim is Beyonce.If you can watch last week if not mistaking, Fergie got each and everyone of us on that astonished feeling although it seem no funny as most people unwrap what seem to be corrected during the National Anthem.

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Wendy Williams also enjoys that backslash on Fergie during that moment but she has to unveil what she gat in mind.She slammed Fergie yet coming back to face Beyonce which landed her on the negative side,forgetting that many out there and willing to defend Beyonce as fan defend Chris Brown when some trolls on Social media nabbed with him between Rihanna his ex.

Wendy Williams was catch calling some few Top singers suggesting Auto-Tune for them.Probably she has nothing in mind but personally fans balk on her speech after hearing saying Beyonce needs Auto Tune.You Know when it comes to beyonce and her music career her fans always back-her-up by liking her songs.Wendy Williams has claim it wrong by enlisting some female singers as those are to implement Auto-Tune.

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"There are only a few people who can sing raw dog and Fergie is not one, she needs auto-tune," the talk show host said. "Jen Lopez (Jennifer Lopez) needs auto-tune. Janet (Janet Jackson) needs auto-tune. Beyonce needs auto-tune."she said.She also took it by name some of her favorite singers whom she believes that can sing without that word Auto-Tune.

"Adele, Aretha [Aretha Franklin], Celine [Celine Dion], Dionne Warwick and Mariah [Mariah Carey], they don't need nothing. They sing raw dog, you know?" she noted.What do you think about her opinion,is she saying the fact and if so you can let us know.However,some die hard fans to it over by on Twitter defending the Formation woman, WENDY WILLIAMS BEYONCE HAS AUTO TUNE WHERE??? first person asked on twitter.

Another person asked again "Wendy Williams: "Beyoncé needs auto tune to sing" on twitter."Something is wrong with Wendy Williams y'all. We need to stop acting like she's okay. She thinks Beyonce needs auto tune. That's crack-ish," one user said. One other commented, "Wendy Williams said Beyonce can't sing without autotune... I almost smacked her through the tv screen."on twitter.

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This wasn't the first time Wendy came after Beyonce. She previously slammed the songstress by saying that she lacked an education. After claiming that she was a fan of Beyonce, Wendy remarked, "You know Beyonce can't talk. Beyonce sounds like she has a fifth grade education. Honestly, we really do have the closed captioning for times like that."What do you think?.
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