Rick Ross New Music Coming Soon With Konshens

Rick Ross New Music Coming Soon With Konshens
What!,alright that just an exclamation about the new news from Rick Ross.Rick Ross has been sleeping off while we all are waiting to see some more songs from from the boss.You remember the only last time we talked about a single called Florida Boy which he guested Kodak Black and T-Pain.The song was the only song has surfaced her on Topstars and you can still check it out here to download it.Well,the new story about Rick Ross is about a new song coming from Konshens although the track that's about to fall is not penned by Ross rather he is being featured on the track.

Just recent that we received that Rick Ross and Konshens are aiming to join a new force.Source has told us that the song which is coming along with Rick is all about an upcoming album from Konshens,meanwhile the sing is going to be the first in the album which has no name yet.
“They working on something for Konshens new album but I can’t divulge too much details,” sources told us.

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Rick Ross also noticed us on a shoot of video where he spotted with Konshens, and Rvssian having a video Shoot as we said.We also manage to acknowledged from Konshens with a caption that reads
“Bully beef to bentley.” The new album will be the follow-up to the Subkonshus deejay’s 2012 debut project Mental Maintenance,source told us also.
Rick Ross New Music Coming Soon With Konshens
Post online also noticed us that Konshens seem getting bad feedback on his misc career.Source also disclosed to us that Konshens is now having that mind to ditch out positive Musics/songs as he promised to stop it.This not the first time he is getting us aware of this because he has claimed that positive songs is not motivating to his fans.His emphasis has made Top to know that most of his previous album like Burk Of Yuh Back which was released during the year 2016 are making no impact (Topstars Guessed) so that's why he is stopping for this moment.

“So as of now ill only write songs for the mind and heart for other artistes to sing. Konshens will only sing sexually charged songs or party songs zeen,” Konshens wrote on Instagram. “This always cut me so deep, not being miserable but it f**k up when me a try share brain food and it gets overlooked but as soon as I sing a gal song it moves. Then u soon hear the old fans complaining seh konshens nah give dem no song fi medz.”

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His reputation seem flowing like a water after his fans support his suggestion.many people like what he's about to do but does that means that people are hating positive songs or can just say that they normally get a negative thoughts about  Konshens songs.We can't just believe that but we will continue to avid on his songs but as for now lets wait for a new songs coming from him and Rick Ross.
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