Offset Talked About Pregnancy Report On Cardi B

Offset Talked About Pregnancy Report On Cardi B
Is just a retract after a rumor surfaced online Offset and Cardi.Cardi b has been alleged of pregnancy which many people are looking forward to hear from his lover.But Just know that Cardi b is not trying to be Kylie Jenner,like trying to have her own baby now as fans might think about that.Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are living very good but Cardi b and Offset are happy for them but never ready to get involved in pregnancy as source told after the report surfaced online.You might like to read more about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott baby.

Previously on Topstars,Cardi b bounced back on Tami Roman after she heard a gossip that reflect to this issue pregnancy.Tami Roman says Cardi b looks pregnant after she peek on her on a show.although the b diva never happy about the intention rather she jab at Tami Roman following her emphasis on her.Well,all also think that's the end of the story but today there's still swirling about Cardi b  Pregnancy report which has dragged out Offset with a different view.

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Did we just heard that the report is a fake news (according to Offset) since gossip site and inner source admit that Cardi b is about four month pregnant.Offset is having this news as a separate opinion that has to do with his lover. However, TMZ has check on Offset to know if the news his fiancee is true which he denied as a false story.During the investigation from TMZ paparazzi Offset said that the news is fake.

“I’m only the father of three,” the Culture rapper said. “My kids are 2, 2, and 8. I don’t got no other possibilities.” When pressed on if Cardi B is pregnant, Offset yelled a firm “no.” offset said.

Also Cardi b has prove the report wrong by taking it to her social media account to condemn this pregnancy rumor.On a half wear,showing a a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a bra, putting a pin all the ‘baby bump’ chatter as she showed off her flat belly.She did this to tell her fans that the news around is a false.

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Since last week the news about Cardi b and pregnancy has taken to another level after Tami first noticed on Cardi b.No offset has given out more clue about her Fiance Cardi b let's just believe him because they can only say it out. What do you think,to me i think that's a false also about you.
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