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New Lil Wayne Song ‘It Ain’t Me’ Surfaces Online

New Lil Wayne Song ‘It Ain’t Me’ Surfaces Online
Lil Wayne Popular songs since last year can be listed out with series of collaboration with his crew like Drake and Nicki Minaj.Frankly speaking,people regards his singles that come with Nicki 5 Star and Family feud Ft Drake.Those tracks seem the best of Lil Wayne but there's still his songs that merit a good acclaim.About 40+ tracks in Lil Wayne Dedication 6 can be count out since last year and also enlisting the present ones.

In a review of a new song from Lil Wayne,Leaked by hacker group Music Mafia after leaking songs from Drake and Feature is back again to show a new track from Lil Wayne called ‘It Ain’t Me’.
‘It Ain’t Me’ might not linked to Dedication 6 either we are yet to believe that was a song in line with Lil Wayne Tha Carter V.It’s a slower type of song with a strange but infectious beat. You can have a listen below. See More Songs.

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