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Listen: Cardi b & Offset Linked in a Latin Remix — ‘Ahora Dice’

Listen Cardi b Offset Linked in a Latin Remix  Ahora Dice
Cardi b and her boy are has teamed in again.what's new about Cardi b and her engaged lover Offset,she has kept her name to more than millions of people starting from the day her hit single which we all know.Still maintaining her acclaim,has linked up on a track called Ahora Dice in a Latin language.
Seem Cardi b like Latin song because she has catch up with the same song style last year where she pen in with Puerto Rican singer Ozuna’s song ‘La Modelo‘ which was released with a sexy video in in the past months.Now,to make it more special she and Offset is back in a Latin Collaboration and seeing them guest in to a song called Ahora Dice.The song has surfaced before with Chris Jeday, J Balvin & Ozuna now the remix hit with Cardi b and offset.Listen below. See More Songs.

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