For Real,Rihanna Dropping $30,000 Birthday gift from Chris Brown ?

For Real,Rihanna Dropping $30,000 Birthday gift from Chris Brown ?
Oh no someone might be crying because of this,not Chris Brown but those who admit Chris Brown and Rihanna are good after they catch up on her (Rihanna) birthday celebration.What the hell are people stalking,many swirling out there keep a trolls in between Chris Brown and Rihanna.You recall our updates were folks still slammed Chris Brown,probably is Rihanna's fans who really want to protect her from Chris Brown having another chance into a relationship with her anymore.Day by day some individuals who claims to be a bad egg to this guy (Chris Brown) continue to push annoying feeling to Breezy fans.
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Breezy aimed it out with a tour enlisting Rihanna,Beyonce and Bruno Mars but all avail as fans slammed with a serious hogwash,regarding him as someone who don't merit to tour with the above listed R&B artist.You can read the full post here.At the same line,Chris Brown show up with some caring love to her ex lover that SWITCH over to a new boyfriend Hassan Jameel.It was a birthday gift after wishing her a HBD.You know it wasn't that easy for some fans to believe that Chris Brown wish Rihanna such.Happy Birthday Rihanna from Chris Brown leads to a serious dialogue between the Hip-Stars fans.To us,we feels that Chris Brown might be regretting after some fans condemn him for that.see the full post here.

Now a similar news has surfaced again with the same people,Source made us to know that Chris Brown spent about $30,000 Birthday gift for his ex lover Rihanna.But is this for real,if so we should look into it and what that is all about.Rihanna fans thinks is about coming back to Rihanna on a date?,as they see Chris Brown with enthusiasm of $30,000 with a diamond chain for Rihanna's birthday.From source to,"he also sent it over with 30 red roses".

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According to close insider,Rihanna was electrify after seeing the birthday gift from Chris Brown.Categorically,Rihanna love the diamond chain but will not wear it because it never her type again,source added.but "she's not going to wear the chain" because "it's not her style at all anymore".

"It's something she would have worn back when they were together, but she's a grown woman now and she's changed."The insider/source prove by saying Rihanna showed the Diamond Chain to his boyfriend Hassan Jameel and also told him she's not going to wear the Chain rather she's dropping it.
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